In 2018, Emmanuella became a dedicated member of the Flaming Sword Ministry, where she serves as the Canada Finance Director. Her decision to join the ministry reflects her commitment to stewardship and her desire to contribute her financial expertise to the ministry’s mission.

As the Canada Finance Director, Emmanuella plays a vital role in overseeing the financial operations of the Canadian chapter. Her responsibilities include budgeting, financial reporting, and ensuring compliance with financial regulations. Her attention to detail and financial acumen ensure that the ministry’s finances are managed effectively and transparently.

Emmanuella is a devoted wife and mother; her family is a source of joy and support for her. Her dedication to her family is evident in her commitment to balancing her ministry responsibilities with her family life, ensuring that both receive the attention and care they deserve.

Overall, Emmanuella’s contributions to the Flaming Sword Ministry are invaluable. Her commitment to excellence, financial stewardship, and dedication to her family make her a valued member of the team, inspiring others to serve with integrity and purpose.