Adeyemi, together with his wife Busola, works diligently to coordinate the Flaming Sword Ministries (FSM) operations in Canada. Joining the ministry alongside his wife in 2017, Adeyemi has shown unwavering dedication to the ministry’s mission and vision. His collaborative efforts with Busola have been instrumental in expanding the ministry’s reach and impact in Canada.

Apart from his role as coordinator, Adeyemi is also responsible for writing the bimonthly publication of FSM. His love for the Lord and His word is evident in the insightful and inspiring content he produces. Through his writing, Adeyemi strives to deepen the understanding of God’s word and inspire others to live according to His teachings.

In addition to his ministry work, Adeyemi is a devoted husband and father, blessed with godly children. His commitment to his family and ministry is a testament to his faith and values. Adeyemi’s dedication to serving the Lord and his community make him a respected member of the ministry team, inspiring others to live a life of faith and service.