In 2018, Ayodeji and his wife joined Flaming Sword Ministries International Canada, demonstrating a deep commitment to their faith and service to God. Ayodeji assumed the role of prayer coordinator within the ministry, highlighting his dedication to fostering a spiritual foundation for the ministry’s activities.

Ayodeji’s multifaceted involvement extends beyond prayer coordination; he also serves as an in-house editor and Director of Photography (DOP), showcasing his versatility and dedication to the ministry’s creative endeavors. His contributions in these areas have been instrumental in enhancing the ministry’s message and impact.

Ayodeji’s devotion to serving God through the drama ministry is evident in his unwavering commitment to his role. His desire to glorify God and spread His message through creative and impactful means is a driving force behind his involvement in the ministry’s activities.

Furthermore, his ultimate goal is to reign with Christ, reflecting his profound faith and commitment to living a life in accordance with God’s will. His dedication to his family and ministry underscores his values, making him a respected and valued member of the Flaming Sword Ministries International Canada team.

Outside of his ministry commitments, Ayodeji is a loving husband and father, blessed with children who share his faith and values. His devotion to his family and ministry exemplifies his deep love for God and his desire to serve Him faithfully in all aspects of his life. His life is a testament to his belief that serving God is the highest calling, and he strives daily to honor God and reflect His love to others through his actions and service.