Olubusola, along with her husband Yemi, joined the ministry in 2017, marking the beginning of their dedicated service. Since then, Busola has demonstrated unwavering commitment and dedication to the ministry’s mission and vision. Her passion for serving God and impacting lives is evident in all that she does.

Busola, with the support of her husband Yemi, serves as the coordinator of the Canada arm of the ministry. In this role, she plays a pivotal role in overseeing the ministry’s activities in Canada, ensuring that they align with the overall objectives of the ministry. Her leadership in this capacity has been instrumental in expanding the ministry’s reach and impact in Canada.

In addition to her role as coordinator, Busola is also a co-film producer with her husband in the ministry’s film productions. Her creative input and dedication to excellence have contributed significantly to the success of these productions, which have touched the hearts and lives of many.

Outside of her ministry responsibilities, Busola is a devoted wife and mother, sharing her life with Yemi and their children. Her ability to balance her family life with her commitment to the ministry is a testament to her character and values. Busola’s dedication to her family and ministry make her a respected member of the team, inspiring others to serve with excellence and passion.