In 2020, Adegboyega embarked on a transformative journey as he joined the Flaming Sword Ministry, where he serves as the Director of Photography (DOP) for the Canadian chapter. His decision to join the ministry reflects his commitment to using his creative talents to glorify God and contribute meaningfully to the ministry’s mission.

As the DOP, Adegboyega plays a pivotal role in capturing the visual essence of the ministry’s productions. His keen eye for detail and artistic vision ensure that each shot is crafted with precision and purpose, enhancing the overall impact of the ministry’s message. In addition to his role as DOP, Adegboyega is also involved in overseeing Special Projects, where his creativity and innovation shine through in the development and execution of unique ministry initiatives.

Married with children, Adegboyega’s family is a source of joy and inspiration for him. His dedication to his family is evident in his commitment to balancing his ministry responsibilities with his family life, ensuring that both receive the attention and care they deserve.

Overall, Adegboyega’s contributions to the Flaming Sword Ministry are invaluable. His commitment to excellence, creativity, and dedication to his family make him a valued member of the team, inspiring others to serve with passion and purpose.